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Dubs Universe uses entirely recycled materials to make its shoes, including sugarcane and reclaimed plastic bottles. This makes them an environmentally-friendly option compared to traditional sneakers, which are often made from synthetic materials that take hundreds of years to decompose. Once a child outgrows a pair of Loop Lites, there’s no need to consign them to the landfill either. Instead, they can be returned to Dubs’s partner charity Sal’s Shoes, an organisation dedicated to combating global shoe poverty.

Facts and Figures


Stuart Davis

Co-Founder & CEO

Gary Cadogan







88 Crescent Drive, Orpington BR5 1BE, England

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Product & Services of Dubs

Shores from recycled materials

Shoes are made from the most planet-friendly, comfortable and durable materials

Partnership with Sal’s Shoes

Every pair of outgrown Dubs can be returned to Sals Shoes - they'll then make sure they go onto kids that need them the most

How can you support Dubs?

  • If you are a conscientious consumer looking for eco-friendly footwear made entirely from recycled materials like sugarcane and reclaimed plastic bottles, reach out via the contact form.
  • For those interested in supporting the mission to combat global shoe poverty, consider donating outgrown pairs of Loop Lites to  partner charity, Sal’s Shoes.