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Sustainable Finance Daily provides you with weekly ESG news in a consolidated format. All ESG news are categorized and cover the financial services- and insurance industry. Every Weekly ESG Newsletter allows you to get all relevant insights from the past week within a few minutes. Our main goal is to keep you updated without overloading you with tons of ESG information. 


What Sustainability News do we cover?

We focus on categories which have the highest relevance for the financial services- and insurance industry. During our weekly prioritization and filtering process we rank all relevant business sustainability news. As a result, you will receive a curated sustainability news overview.

Sustainable Finance Daily covers the following sustainability news categories:

Products & Services

Products & Services covers all information around financial and banking products such as fund launches, closing of private equity deals, launches of sustainable banking products and much more.

ESG Data & Analytics

News in this category are linked to updates from ESG data- and solution providers. News around data products, indices, analytics tools are usually part of this category.

Regulatory & Law

Regulatory updates, public consultations, implementation timelines of directives and new laws passed in different countries are part of this category.

Leadership Announcements

Leadership Announcements tracks senior management changes across banking, asset management and insurances.

Net Zero / Decarbonization Commitments

Announcements in regards to net zero target setting or changes to existing decarbonization commitments will be covered in this category.

Green Bond & ESG Bond Issuances

Green Bonds became a popular instrument to finance the green transformation of a company. We shed light on the biggest issuances and provide background details on the deals.

Sustainable Business News

In this category, we publish press releases and all news related to companies, startups, projects which we cover from a sustainability angle. You will find plenty of updates around ground-breaking innovations, new sustainable business models and technology solutions.