Global Energy Transition 2024

Global Energy Transition 2024

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Energy executives are caught between meeting current demand for affordable energy and accelerating the shift toward a low-carbon economy, given the impending peak in oil production. This existential change is already happening.
What effects will the shift in traditional energy business models have on the industry as a whole? How can a clean energy project’s return on investment be quantified? Which technologies can be implemented quickly at scale? How does collaboration occur throughout the entire value chain? How do you set up your business to take advantage of local market swings and incentive programs?


The energy transition cannot be completed by a single business, leader, or nation. Global Energy Transition 2024  brings together more than 750 senior leaders from the energy, finance, corporate, and government value chains. Its purpose is to establish lasting partnerships that will enable the industry to gain market share, accelerate the shift toward low-carbon energy sources, and achieve significant progress toward energy transition.


June 25-27, 2024


08:00 AM to 06:00 PM


New York, USA

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Global Energy Transition 2024

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Global Energy Transition 2024 conference covers a broad range of topics. The themes outlined below will serve as an indication what to expect during the conference. A more detailed agenda is available on the event website:



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