Sustainability Science Days 2024

Sustainability Science Days 2024

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Global leaders in business, government, civil society, and research have come together for the Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress (SRI) since 2021 in an effort to significantly accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. Building a coalition of the willing to achieve a sustainability transformation and co-creating cutting-edge innovations and solutions is made possible by the incredibly inclusive and inspiring global platform that the SRI Congress offers. Future Earth and the Belmont Forum co-convene SRI in collaboration with regional co-organizers.


With events on both campuses in Helsinki and Espoo, SRI/SSD2024 will bring together 2000+ participants from more than 100 countries online and in-person


June 10-14, 2024


08:00 AM to 06:00 PM


Helsinki, Finland

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Sustainability Science Days 2024

Event Agenda

Sustainability Science Days 2024conference covers a broad range of topics. The themes outlined below will serve as an indication what to expect during the conference. A more detailed agenda is available on the event website:



  • Regular $400, one day $135

  • Student,Resource Constrained $120, one day $50
  • Regular $50

  • Student,Resource Constrained $25

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