Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023

Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023

All event, early-bird and discount information you need to know for the Future of Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023 conference.

Eco-Friendly Brands The platform’s major hub in Europe is now Madrid. It is a crucial international gathering for everyone who wants to exchange challenges, successes, and lessons learned from their business models focused on people and the environment with the community of SB’s global benchmark leaders. Organizations and brands now play a different role in the face of environmental and social urgency; a mission alone is no longer sufficient if it is not accompanied by significant impact.


Participants will discuss how many organizations are already activating their purpose in a credible and meaningful way in the upcoming year’s program, resulting in a measurable impact that pushes them away from “green social washing” or “purpose washing,” in several plenary sessions and roundtables.


October 23-24, 2023 (2 days)


09:35 to 03:00


Madrid, Spain

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Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023

Event Agenda

Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023 2023 conference covers a broad range of topics. The themes outlined below will serve as an indication what to expect during the conference. A more detailed agenda is available on the event website:



1500 EUR

Discount Information

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Early-bird Discount

30% discount until 7 September.

Location Details: Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023

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Madrid, Spain

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