World ESG and Climate Summit 2024

World ESG and Climate Summit 2024

All event, early-bird and discount information you need to know for the World ESG and Climate Summit 2024.

An important gathering of world leaders, specialists, and interested parties, the World Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Summit discusses and tackles the urgent problems and possibilities associated with sustainability and ESG practices. As they work to build a more sustainable and responsible future, corporations, governments, and organizations all around the world are starting to prioritize sustainability and ESG.


The World ESG and Climate Summit offers a forum for in-depth talks on a range of sustainability and ESG topics, such as corporate governance, social responsibility, and environmental preservation. It acts as a platform for exchanging successful case studies, creative ideas, and best practices from many sectors and businesses.


June 18-19, 2024


08:00 AM to 06:00 PM


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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World ESG and Climate Summit 2024

Event Agenda

World ESG and Climate Summit 2024 conference covers a broad range of topics. The themes outlined below will serve as an indication what to expect during the conference. A more detailed agenda is available on the event website:



Group ticket – min of 3 persons

  • 1599 €

Service provider

  • 2199 €


  • 1999 €

Virtual Pass

  • 999 €

Discount Information

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Early-bird Discounts

Ticket bookings until March, 01 2024 benefit from a discount up to 50% of the ticket prices mentioned above.

Location Details: World ESG and Climate Summit 2024

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