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Circular Lugano

Circular Lugano: Promoting a Circular Economy in Ticiono


Circular Lugano

Circular Lugano focuses on promoting a circular economy by offering a central sharing platform in the region of Lugano, Switzerland. The platform helps to reduce carbon emissions, extend the lifecycle of products by ensuring an efficient usage of resources. Products you can rent on the platform include lawnmower, tents, gardening equipment, audio speakers. At the moment, there are more than 450 products available to be shared.

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Mirco De Savelli


Luca De Savelli

Founder and Head of Legal




Products & Services, Share Economy


Via S. Gottardo 77, 6900 Massagno, Switzerland

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Product & Services of Circular Lugano

Sharing Platform

The company offers a sharing platform via one-off payments or a monthly subscription fee.

How can you support Circular Lugano?

  • The project searches for specific products which can be rented on the platform.
  • Sign up for the Corporate Circular Economy Ambassador-Abonnement.