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Route Konnect

Route Konnect: Use video analytics to help customers understand how people and vehicles use urban spaces


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Route Konnect is developing intelligent, privacy-preserving traffic systems that measure, guide, and optimize the movement of all road users to make city life healthier, safer, and more livable. Efficient city life is key to a sustainable future. Their sensors and analytics tools provide intelligent, real-time insights into urban movement, saving time, resources, and our planet.

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Mohamed Binesmael


Dan Harborne







Unit D Pendyris St, Cardiff CF11 6BH, England

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Product & Services of Route Konnect

AI Movement Surveys

Captured video footage is sent away to be manually counted by remote teams. Outputs are simple, unsophisticated spreadsheets, which can be prone to errors and slow turnaround.

Virtual Loops

Route Konnect is developing an AI powered, above ground solution which could see the end to inductive loops in traffic light systems.

How can you support Route Konnect?

  • If you are a city planner or traffic management authority focused on enhancing urban mobility and you are interested in deploying intelligent traffic systems, reach out  via the contact form.