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Timber Finance

Timber Finance: CO2 financial instruments and modern timber investment opportunities to decarbonize the construction industry


Timber Finance

Timber Finance bridges the gap between financial markets and the timber industry, promoting timber as a sustainable finance champion and carbon capture solution. The company focuses on unlocking the climate potential of forests and timber for the construction industry and investors alike. Founded in 2021, Timber Finance continuously developped its offering ranging from investment solutions to advisory services. Timber Finance also partners with organizations such as the Migros Pioneer Fund and Built by Nature.

Facts and Figures


Stefan Zöllig

Founder and Board Member

Thomas Fedrizzi

Founder and Board Member

Erik Reichmuth

Managing Director, Board of Directors

Frank Vasek

Head of Carbon Solutions




Financial Services


Ausstellungsstrasse 36, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Contribution

Primary SDG

Additional SDG Contributions

Product & Services of Timber Finance


Carbon-relevant investment opportunities via Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs).

Carbon Solutions

Timber Carbon Capture & Storage Certificate (TCCS) which support real estate developers in reaching their net-zero targets.

Knowledge Hub

Analysis and publication of recent industry trends and insights.


Advisory and consulting services for private real estate investors on their timber construction strategy.

How can you support Timber Finance?

  • If you are a real estate developer who is building mainly with timber and you are interested in financing contributions for timber construction, reach out to Timber Finance via the contact form.
  • Climate investors who are interested in opportunities around the forest and timber construction chain can reach out via