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Aam Digital: Easy-to-use Case Management for the Social Sector


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Aam Digital combines expertise in international cooperation with software development. Inspired by the experiences of development professionals, they built an open source tool to enable high-quality case management. As a young social enterprise it is their goal to co-develop their product with their users and to prioritize impact over profits. Aam Digital make high-class digital solutions available for everyone. This allows them to support small grassroots projects as well as large international organisations.

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Sebastian Leidig







Rollbergstraße 28 A, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Contribution

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Product & Services of Aam Digital


Expertise in international cooperation with software development

Cloud Platform

Adapt the system to your use case yourself, choosing from modules.

Customized Application

Fully customized system where pay only for the features that go beyond core system

Open source

Open source tool to enable high-quality case management

How can you support Aam Digital?

  • If you are an international cooperation professional or organization looking to enhance your case management with cutting-edge digital solutions, reach out to Aam Digital via the contact form.
  • Development professionals and organizations interested in co-developing impactful open-source tools for high-quality case management can contact at