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Dual Good Health

Dual Good Health: Get better results with immersive training. VR training in First Aid, Life support and more


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Dual Good Health develops virtual reality software for emergency medical training. They offer a range of VR-based training modules for healthcare staff, emergency and paramedic staff, and obstetrics specialists. The real-life like training simulations allow trainees to spend long hours on training and experience improved learning outcomes. All their training curriculum is based on national and international standards.

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63/66 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8LE, England

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Product & Services of Dual Good Health

VR Training

Immersive training provides an opportunity for staff to train more frequently, at a fraction of the cost of offline training.

Custom Training

Various Healthcare training modules either as supplement to the existing training modules, or as a standalone product.

How can you support Dual Good Health

  • If you are a healthcare provider, emergency medical service, or obstetrics specialist interested in enhancing your training programs with cutting-edge virtual reality technology, reach out via the contact form.
  • Educational institutions and healthcare organizations looking to improve their training outcomes with VR-based simulations can contact