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Baito helps people find jobs with meaning. To achieve this, they curate job opportunities from organizations that focus on people and the environment. These organizations include NGOs, associations, and startups across various sectors such as sustainability, clean tech, education, and the social and cultural sectors. Baito believes that work should provide not only financial benefits but also the satisfaction of contributing to positive changes in society and the environment. Through Baito, users can find job opportunities that not only match their skills and career aspirations but also support their values and passions. This way, Baito connects individuals with roles that bring personal fulfillment and make a meaningful impact on the world.

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Max Ernst Stockburger


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Silbersteinstraße 124, 10829 Berlin, Germany

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  • If you are an individual seeking a career with purpose and you are interested in opportunities that focus on people and the environment can visit  the website.