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SolarworX: New generation of solar home systems for off-grid households and businesses


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Solarworx aim to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable solar energy solutions to rural entrepreneurs and private households. With their professional experience and passion in off-grid energy and management they believe in scalable solar-energy for emerging countries. By interconnecting single solar home systems energy supply security can be increased and appliances with higher demands can be jointly powered. They also provide more than just hardware – From onbording, marketing to last-mile process optimization.

Facts and Figures


Felix Boldt

Co-Founder & CEO

Jakob Schily

Co-Founder & CTO

Franz J. Buschmeier

Co-Founder & CFO






Danziger Str. 64, 10435 Berlin, Germany

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Product & Services of SolarworX

DC Microgrid

Individual systems can interconnect with the DC Micro Grid module to power energy-intensive appliances like milling machines and enhance supply security for each household

Solar home systems

A smart solar solution for households and small businesses in off-grid areas around the world. Each system comes with 80Wh or 160Wh battery capacity

Solego Lighting kit

A cost efficient and extendable bundle to provide basic electrification in off-grid areas

PayGo Switch

The PayGo switch relies on the protection features like undervoltage and overcurrent of the Charge controller

How can you support SolarworX?

  • Top-tier Distribution Partners to solve the global energy access problems can reach out via